Anna Leigh Jewelry now available at Rose & Violets Boutique!

Yes, you heard that right! You can now shop Anna Leigh Jewelry in south Austin at Rose & Violets Boutique! This shop is locally owned and operated, and features an array of trendy apparel as well as gifts and accessories. I walked into the shop for the first time and said out loud: "Wow this store is so cute!" The prices are affordable and the sizes range from XS-3X, so everyone can shop there. If you're in Austin, you should definitely check it out! -ALK

Anna Kleiman
First Ever Blog Post!

Hello! My name is Anna Leigh and I am the owner and designer behind Anna Leigh Jewelry. I decided to start this little blog to give some insight into my creative process, as well as little tidbits about my life! I love interacting with all of my followers and hope that this is a good way to stay connected.

The theme of this blog post is about what is inspiring me lately. If you don't know, I live in Austin, TX, so it is already pretty hot here (let's be real, I've been wearing shorts for 3+ months now). I always get super inspired during spring and summer, because those are the seasons when the sun is out, new foliage has emerged, and we get to relax by the pool and lake. Tropical foliage in particular has been my current obsession, from home decor to fashion and now jewelry, of course!

The top picture is from the private Lady Bird Lake boat cruise that my sweet hubby took me on for our first wedding anniversary. So of course I had to make a new piece of jewelry for the occasion! It was only natural that my foliage obsession would literally translate into "leaf earrings". 

These earrings are actually made of Shrinky Dinks, a material that I have worked with a long time and have come to love. If you don't already know what Shrinky Dinks are, check out this link! These earrings are hand drawn (not traced), hand cut, and hand painted and beaded. Phew! Although I ended up loving them, I realized that the time and effort put into them would be way to much to put them into production to sell. But nooo I love them and want to sell them!! So, I sourced some almost identical shaped wood versions that I will paint and bead, but it will be a way less hassle than dealing with tracing and cutting and baking the Shrinky Dinks.

So, on that note, stay tuned for my new and improved Monstera Leaf earrings! Prototype shown below. I'd love to hear y'alls comments and thoughts!

Fun Fact - My ears are not pierced! I had them pierced when I was in about 1st grade, but every type of earring (included real gold) would bother my ears and give me terrible infections. Ugh what a heartbreaker! Most of my life I've accepted the fact that I can never wear earrings, until I actually tried clip ons/screw backs. So now a whole new world has opened up to me as I now make my personal earrings with non-pierced findings. Although all of my current earrings for sale are for pierced ears, I'm happy to swap the findings for you if you're special and non pierced like me! Just fill out the form in the contact section :)

Anna Kleiman